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The Peaceful Me

 At -Home Retreat  


Tracy Shoman

Feeling overwhelmed, exhausted?

Just need a break?

We'll spend money on car maintenance, our kids, our hair and nails, or a massage, but we won't spend money on things that truly nurture us and creating lasting change.  We put them off, thinking we will do them "sometime". Well, our "sometime" never comes. 


When was the last time you gave yourself three hours of your own time? Time to deeply relax and replenish. Time to experience and learn the proven techniques that create peace and calm in our lives regardless of what's going on around us. And what would this time do for you, your career, and quality of life? Don't you think it's time to spend money on a massage for your mind and spirit?



Do you wish you could slow down and actually enjoy your life?

Feeling like it's hard to balance it all ?

Having trouble sleeping?

Feeling frustrated and like you can't think clearly?

Give Yourself the Gift of:

  • A day spent entirely on you

  • Letting go of all the stress 

  • Feeling centered and peaceful

  • Having daily practices that create inner peace

  • Having time to do the things you love and that nuture your spirit

  • Feeling like you can gracefully move through your days

  • Having a personalized Peaceful Me Plan that you can use on the go or at home

Image by Annie Spratt

The Peaceful Me

 At -Home Retreat

A 3-hour retreat for women designed to give you immediate peace and relaxation. Plus you get tools to create and maintain more calm, peace and balance in your life.

 Online Retreat January 9th

Here's what you'll get:​

  •  Interactive class from 9am-12pm Pacific (12pm-3pm Eastern) with Tracy via Zoom;  includes unique, blissful guided experiences including Reiki and sound healing meditations, practical teachings, and experiential learning (Stick around after class for community virtual tea)

  • A personalized Peaceful Me Plan to take away and use in your every day life to access your calm center

Here's what you'll need:

  • A room for the guided relaxation sessions where you won't be disturbed 

  • Help from family or friends so you have the time for yourself

  • A commitment to stay present because you deserve this 

Your Investment: $197

$97 Holiday Special

if you register by December 20th

Registration is Closed. Hope to see you next time!


1) What is the schedule like? Do we get breaks?

There will be breaks and you have the freedom to do what feels good for you. This day is about relaxing and resetting the nervous system while learning so the schedule will be all about that.


2) Why should I do this rather than get a massage? This retreat is a deep dive into relaxation so you'll have a blissful day and you will gain proven tools so you can tap into the peace anytime in your everyday life.  You will experience a deeply relaxing 3 hour day and lasting tools to help transform your life. 

3) How does an at home retreat work? You will set yourself and your space up for a comfortable, calming day. Get cozy, wear your pajamas, light a candle, grab a journal and pillow and blanket and let's have a nurturing day.